Friday, July 21, 2017

Story: The main plot/opening

I've been doing some writing today and actually think I may have my story fleshed out enough to where I can fill in the gaps as I go. You'll start the game as your younger self going to a carnival with your family. I'll probably have little mini games for the player to play to make them feel like they're at the festival. You see a rather unusual tent, with lots of pretty colors. Intrigued you go into it, it's very dark. All of a sudden, everything goes black. You wake up in what seems to be a holding cell. You're scared and confused, where are you? Where is your family? Are they looking for you? A man comes into the room, a rather lengthy fellow, you cower in fear, he reaches for your arm and injects you with a strange liquid. You fall asleep almost instantly. The idea of this is you've been kidnapped and will be trained to fight in an arena where you're pretty much brainwashed to do so. These are called "Fighters" (hence the title of the game ;D). Fighters come in all shapes and sizes with their own special techniques and abilities. I won't spoil how you get away just yet, but like I said I think I pretty much have the basic ground work for what I need to get started. Also I don't think I'll be showing you what "Fighters" and such are right away, I think after the injection I'll have a flash forward 20 years. I want the player to question what happened to you in that time. Until next time!~


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