Friday, July 14, 2017

Game Design: Stat Distribution

My game will have a very unique system when it comes to leveling stats. There will be/is no basic leveling, no general experience to gain instead you gain proficiency experience per action. Let me explain more. Here's a detailed list on that stats and how they level.

Constitution: Levels with each hit taken and is not a critical, if it's a critical hit you'll gain double exp as long as you're still alive and your HP is a certain %. This is also an invisible stat you won't necessarily be able to see where you stand with it.

Agility: Is gained per dodge/miss/evade. You'll gain one experience per dodge/miss/evade, you may think that in theory you could just power level your Agility by attacking lower level people, but that won't be the case I'll have a variable that's dependent on the current max enemy level that if during progression is lower than the current level then you cannot gain any stats. 

Defense: This will probably the trickiest to gain. I think I want to only allow 1 level gain per battle possible for Defense, you'll gain this experience by guarding an attack. Like your agility stat it too will have a check on the current progression level to balance the game.

Skills: These will level based on when you use them, i'm still not 100% sure if I want to limit their leveling up per battle just yet, we shall see as time progresses. Skills will also gain you attack, possibly based on an equation like I said this is all the early early parts. 

Energy: I'm thinking it will be gained through certain events, energy is like your magic. This game has NO magic elements whatsoever. It's all skill based. Each action costs energy, I may just have it increase either after a battle or maybe find pills and such that increase it scattered through the world? I'm not sure just yet. I kinda like the latter though.

And that's about it for now, since this is my first game I'm only going to be working with 3 possible followers to not really overwhelm myself with too much balancing. Until next time! 


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