Friday, July 21, 2017

Story: The main plot/opening

I've been doing some writing today and actually think I may have my story fleshed out enough to where I can fill in the gaps as I go. You'll start the game as your younger self going to a carnival with your family. I'll probably have little mini games for the player to play to make them feel like they're at the festival. You see a rather unusual tent, with lots of pretty colors. Intrigued you go into it, it's very dark. All of a sudden, everything goes black. You wake up in what seems to be a holding cell. You're scared and confused, where are you? Where is your family? Are they looking for you? A man comes into the room, a rather lengthy fellow, you cower in fear, he reaches for your arm and injects you with a strange liquid. You fall asleep almost instantly. The idea of this is you've been kidnapped and will be trained to fight in an arena where you're pretty much brainwashed to do so. These are called "Fighters" (hence the title of the game ;D). Fighters come in all shapes and sizes with their own special techniques and abilities. I won't spoil how you get away just yet, but like I said I think I pretty much have the basic ground work for what I need to get started. Also I don't think I'll be showing you what "Fighters" and such are right away, I think after the injection I'll have a flash forward 20 years. I want the player to question what happened to you in that time. Until next time!~

Monday, July 17, 2017

8-Bit Style Continued

After some tinkering with the idea some more, the effect looks way too blurry for it to look proper in a game. That being said, I do love the way the 8 bit sounds are and will definitely be using all of them. Think of the style as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, it's like updated graphics but 8-Bit style text, animations and such. Anyway, I'll be posting some photos in the next couple of days of different locations. Stay tuned!

Game Design: 8-Bit Style

So after picking up the 8-Bit perfection DLC from steam, I've decided to make my game have a 8-bit feel to it. Here's an example video of it in action so far, I'm still not sure if I should pixelate the battlers more or not, but for now they look fine.

I really really like the way the music and sounds
are just perfect for the game! Stay tuned for more info.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Game Design: Stat Distribution

My game will have a very unique system when it comes to leveling stats. There will be/is no basic leveling, no general experience to gain instead you gain proficiency experience per action. Let me explain more. Here's a detailed list on that stats and how they level.

Constitution: Levels with each hit taken and is not a critical, if it's a critical hit you'll gain double exp as long as you're still alive and your HP is a certain %. This is also an invisible stat you won't necessarily be able to see where you stand with it.

Agility: Is gained per dodge/miss/evade. You'll gain one experience per dodge/miss/evade, you may think that in theory you could just power level your Agility by attacking lower level people, but that won't be the case I'll have a variable that's dependent on the current max enemy level that if during progression is lower than the current level then you cannot gain any stats. 

Defense: This will probably the trickiest to gain. I think I want to only allow 1 level gain per battle possible for Defense, you'll gain this experience by guarding an attack. Like your agility stat it too will have a check on the current progression level to balance the game.

Skills: These will level based on when you use them, i'm still not 100% sure if I want to limit their leveling up per battle just yet, we shall see as time progresses. Skills will also gain you attack, possibly based on an equation like I said this is all the early early parts. 

Energy: I'm thinking it will be gained through certain events, energy is like your magic. This game has NO magic elements whatsoever. It's all skill based. Each action costs energy, I may just have it increase either after a battle or maybe find pills and such that increase it scattered through the world? I'm not sure just yet. I kinda like the latter though.

And that's about it for now, since this is my first game I'm only going to be working with 3 possible followers to not really overwhelm myself with too much balancing. Until next time! 


Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Welcome to I Like Panda. This is my personal website/fake company name for game development in the future. I am currently working in RPG Maker MV, but have done quite a bit of work with RPG Maker II for the PS2. If you're not familiar with RPG Maker MV or II it's a program to make your own game, similar to Game Maker Studio with more resources actively available to you (minus RPG Maker II, you're stuck with the game's graphics besides making your own in the visual effects editor). I have a somewhat story to build upon for my game. It's pretty generic to start but I hope to have a nice middle/filler that's engaging with the story. I'll explain more in a another post of my game and the features along with it. Until next time!